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The story starts with a small group of video games geeks, who happened to be also fond of programming. We decided to team up and create a Killer Game together. However, to achieve this, we needed a robust multimedia library. TeapotWare was born.

Time went by, team members graduated and started to work but the team didn't forget its objective. ArkX and XCross were released on XBox 360, and Kinito! on WindowsPhone. While not really impressive, those three games were the first success of Teapot-Studio.

In 2011, things went more serious. Raphaël, the team leader, decided to give the team a legal entity, so Teapot-Studio became more than a small group of code fanatics.

Since then, we do our best to provide tools and solutions for SME and Indies. From conception to sales, marketing and packaging, our objective is to make your project easier.

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