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The Gametools Suite™

Speed up game dev with this set of handy tools (pay as you want license)

I work in the Coin-Op Arcade Game industry. We received an arcade game that had no artwork or instructions. Using the GameTools Suite we were able to extract graphics elements from the game and print them out to stick on the machine as instructions on how to play the game. There were even some incompatibilities with the software due to how the game was made, but Raphael wrote an update patch into GameTools especially for us to allow for this and make it work. GameTools is a great piece of software we are proud to support.
Adam Lofthouse - Zax Amusements

What is the Gametools Suite™ ?

Gametools is a set of small apps to help indie game creators and moonlighters. It particularly fits XNA projects, since there is a built in function to build assets into XNB. However, since the file format used by every tool is a very readable XML, it will not be hard to integrate in your projects.

HMEdit: a generic heightmap editor

Main features

  • - Common heightmap manipulation brushes (raise, lower, smooth, noise…)
  • - Landscape generation
  • - Water level simulation and preview
  • - Save as bmp, jpg, png, tiff… no proprietary format.
  • - Export to XNA 3.1 assets (.xnb)
  • - 3D Preview with dynamic texturing, water shader handling reflection and refraction

Differences between versions

The trial is fully functionnal. You will just get a small dialog from times to times. If you buy a license, you’ll get rid of this annoying dialog, and you’ll be able to get any update for the major version. There will not be any kind of support for trial versions.

UIEdit: UI Layout editor

More details coming soon.

GXView: XNB Viewer and converter

More details coming soon.

Most generous donator : Lawrence Wittmer

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